Gearboxes and geared motor noise is a problem in the operation?

Wednesday - 26/04/2017 09:23
Has the following aspects:

Gear [gears: Gears] oils:

Whether you have too much fuel oil if too much, gear boxes [gearboxes: gear box] when it first shipped, no problem, but a long period of time, can lead to lead to gear slipping; indeed be different circumstances;
Gearboxes and geared motor noise is a problem in the operation?
    Gear accuracy

Gear precision and coordination-is it OK?


    Install the reasonableness

Standard gear box gears are plastic and the rest for steel for the first layer, and all are just first gear determining the extent of noise, so select the gear box of the time, if the noise requirements, then the first layer must be designed for plastics;


    Motor noise

High precision motor, its noise, like Japan and import motor, the noise itself is very small, poor-quality motor noise.

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