CNC systems function

Wednesday - 25/01/2017 16:16
CNC systems is now widely used microprocessor,Many functions can be achieved through software.CNC systems has a variety of series,Different performance.CNC systems typically includes basic functions and selecting functions.
CNC systems function
The basic function is an essential function of the CNC control systems, Select function is a function for users to choose according to the characteristics and uses of the machine.CNC system is mainly reflected in the G command and M command.According to the type of CNC machine tools, use, different grade,The CNC system functions are very different,The following describes its main function:
Control functions:CNC system can control the number of axes And can control the number of axes Is one of its main performance. Control axis movement and rotary axes, There are basic and additional axes.
Ready to function The preparatory functions also known as G command code,It is used to specify the function of the machine movement,Including basic mobile,Plane selection Set of coordinates,Tool compensation Fixed cycle instruction.
Interpolation function:CNC system is achieved by software interpolation tool trajectory control.
Feed function
Spindle function:Spindle function is to specify the function of the spindle speed
Auxiliary functions:The auxiliary function is used to specified spindle Kai,Stop and steering;The opening and closing of the cutting fluid;The start and stop of the magazine,General volume control switch,M command code.
Tool function:The tool used to select the desired tool,The tool function word is led by the address operator T,Followed by two or four digits,Is representative of the tool number.
Character, graphic display function:CNC controller systems can be configured either monochrome or color CRT or LCD,By the hardware and software interfaces to the display of characters and graphics.
Self-diagnostic function:In order to prevent the occurrence of failure Or after a failure can quickly identify the type and location of the fault,To reduce downtime,CNC system set up various diagnostic procedures.
Communication function:In order to adapt to the flexible manufacturing system (FMS) And the demand for computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS),CNC apparatus usually has a RS232C communication interface,Some are also available DNC interface.

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