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Tips for Selecting Your DC or AC Gear Motor

Thursday - 12/07/2018 16:58
When you design a new application, the type of gear motor that you use can maximize its efficiency and potential. By selecting an AC or DC gear motor based on the application’s requirements, you can ensure it is the perfect one for the job.
Tips for Selecting Your DC or AC Gear Motor
Knowing the Application Requirements
Knowing the specific requirements of your application will help you determine if you need a DC or AC gear motor, and the specific type. Such requirements include:
Environment: Application and ambient temperature, and ingress protection (IP) rating
General requirements: Envelope size, side and overhung loads, lubrication type, mounting orientation and mounting type
Input power source: maximum current (amps), frequency (hertz), voltage and control type
Gear motor performance: Speed, torque, duty cycle, horsepower and starting and stall torque
Gear motor specifications: Size, weight, desired noise level, desired maintenance level and life expectancy
Choosing the Right Motor
Use the list of application requirements that you gathered and compare them to the specifications of the DC and AC gear motors of interest, such as universal, brushless DC, AC induction and permanent magnet motors.
dolin gear motor

In lieu of a pre-engineered motor, you may find that selecting a gearbox and motor separately may be best for your application.
Matching Performance Curves, Pull-Up Torque and Yield Strength to the Gear Motor
The right torque and speed is vital when selecting a gear motor. Use a manufacturer’s or vendor’s performance curves regarding torque, speed and efficiency to find a gear motor that matches your needs.
After finding a few performance curves, yield strengths and pull-up torques that match the application’s needs, examine the design limitations, like thermal characteristics, to narrow down the choices.
gear motor
After choosing an AC or DC gear motor, your job isn’t done. Run several tests to make sure the motor runs well in a typical operating situation and does not get too hot, stressed or noisy.
For expert help selecting or designing a gear motor for your application, you can rely on the expert team at Dolin company. Contact us today or visit online to view our AC and DC Gear Motor catalog.
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