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Why are Gear Reducers Popular in the Sector

Tuesday - 10/01/2017 19:16
When industrial equipment need to work at a particular speed and torque, then a gear reducer is used to provide the desired output.
Why are Gear Reducers Popular in the Sector
By putting a gear reducer coupled with the electric motor, the input speed can be reduced and the torque can be high. By using this, the output torque obtained from the motor is multiplied and the input speed is reduced by the same amount to keep a constant ratio.
There are many different kinds of gear reducers, and the most common ones are worm, helical, or bevel gears.
Torque and gear reducers
While selecting a gear reducer, it is important to have a reducer that gives you the best output in terms of torque and doesn’t cost much as well. In this context, worm gear reducers are the best choice.
The most important factor driving the cost competitiveness of gear reducers is based on the number of shaft rotations that cause one single rotation of the output shaft. Worm gear reducers can work at a ratio of up to 60:1 that is one single rotation of the output shaft is caused by 60 rotations of the input shaft. Other gear reducers can offer higher ratios, but cost effectiveness is the best with worm gear reducers.
The advantages of gear reducers
A very important factor in the popularity of the gear reducers in the industry is their availability and commonality. Not only are they readily available, but most manufacturers have an inventory of gear reducers with common dimensional qualities that include output shaft dimensions, output shaft height, and the reducer housing height.
Mounting options and other features of gear reducers
Gear reducers are mostly mounted on the output shaft at an angle perpendicular to the input shaft, and in this way both ends of the output shaft remain available for use in any application.
Nowadays, hollow output shafts are becoming more and more common, and this gives the advantage that other equipment needed for mounting on a solid shaft like belts, and chains are not needed anymore. This also eliminates the need for maintenance and guarding.
Long life of gear reducers
In industrial grade gear reducers, the worm is made from a hard material while the gear itself is made from a softer material like a bronze alloy that allows the gear reducer to ‘wear in’ over time. Once the wearing in is over, further wearing of the gear reducer is reduced substantially and this increases the life of the gear reducer.
Gear reducers are important in the industry to ensure that equipments run at the correct torque and speed. Among all the gear reducers available, worm gear reducers are the best bet when it comes to cost effectiveness and usability.
It also makes mounting easy since it can be mounted on hollow shafts and the need for chains, belts, and other equipments is done with. These advantages make gear reducers a very popular equipment to use in the industry.

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